Necessary Milestone Tests For A Journey Of Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy, an important phase in women's life, brings a whole new package of roles and responsibilities.

To-be-parents want their bundle of joy in a healthy and happy state at each developing stage of pregnancy as well as when the baby takes her very first breath in the world. Pregnancy tests are the checks that can be done in the beginning and at different intervals in the advancing pregnancy, providing an almost accurate idea of nutritional status, infection status, and any genetic predisposition that can affect the growth of the fetus.

According to our ancient “Garbh Samhita,” whatever a pregnant woman eats, drinks, speaks or listens to, or even thinks affects the developing fetus.

 From a scientific point of view, it is essential to take a detailed estimate of the mother’s ongoing health issues and rectify those. Blood tests are done to find the mom-to-be’s hemoglobin levels and iron levels, which are already increasing in leaps and bounces, but she may still be in more need of the same in the future. Urine tests are performed to take an overall judgment of any possible current infection. Various infection screening tests are done to rule out any possible infections in the blood. According to research, any infection in a mother’s blood can affect the baby’s brain development in the womb and hence these tests are crucial. Abnormal thyroid hormone levels and glucose levels further affect the baby’s overall development. Such abnormality can create serious problems in the baby’s physical and mental growth.

To support you better, Metropolis has come with some huge discounts on the tests to save you some money while you are already carrying out planning for your funds for your future needs.

Metropolis is with you from 9 weeks to 9 months in this journey! Metropolis offers test packages- PREGA-PRO and PREGA-PLUS with a massive 25% discount to an expectant mother for ALL her blood tests for the entire nine months! This discount is applicable at Metropolis collection centers and for home visits. These tests are designed specifically for pregnant women and cover almost all the routine health parameters and necessary tests at different stages of pregnancy, which are advisable to carry out on time. 

Both Prega-pro and Prega-plus plans cover the following necessary tests, which are mainly conducted in

1 st trimester of pregnancy –

  • Routine blood tests- CBC (Complete blood count), Blood group ABO, and Rh typing
  • Routine Urine test- Tests any susceptible infection or abnormality in urine
  • Diabetes screening- RBS (Random blood sugar), HbA1c (Average blood glucose in last three months), Diabetes profile-gestational GTT
  • Thyroid tests- TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), FT4 (Free T4)
  • Routine infection screen- HBsAg- screening, HCV, total antibody, HIV duo, VDRL (RPR), Rubella virus IgG antibody
  • Thalassemia screening: Abnormal Haemoglobin studies for HB variants.

The second visit is between 11-13 weeks of gestation; another maternal screening, ‘ Pregascreen Dual,’ is done to check if any chromosomal abnormalities are present in the fetus.

If Pegascreen Dual indicates high-risk pregnancy, then for conclusive analysis, NIPS or Karyotyping FISH is provided at no additional cost. This reflex test saves more than Rs. 15000 for the family.

The  Prega-plus, including all the above tests, offers the following additional tests at first visit:

  • Vitamin D level test – An appropriate level is essential for healthy bones and cartilages for the developing baby.
  • Vitamin B12 level test- Maintaining an appropriate level throughout the pregnancy is essential for baby’s development.
  • Urine culture tests- Any present active urine infection can affect health of a mother and her baby.
  • Tests for a partner- Test for Partner is as crucial since any incompatibility in blood groups or Rh typing can be identified and addressed. These tests mainly include Blood group ABO and Rh typing, HIV duo, abnormal hemoglobin studies for HB variants.

These packages from Metropolis, are comprehensive, economic, and are designed by experts to cover all the health parameters of an expectant mother, plus it is further lighter on your pocket as it saves you a good 25% of all the blood test cost. Metropolis is with you from 9 weeks to 9 months! You can benefit more if you choose Prega plus, which involves the necessary test for your partner. For high-risk pregnancy cases, Metropolis provides NIPS or Karyotyping FISH test without any additional cost, which saves more than 15000/- for the family!

When we look back in earlier times, pregnancy was considered a second birth for the mother, and she was a highly ignored entity in the whole nine-month gestation cycle. But today, pregnant women’s health remains in focus not only for the husband or a family but also for a healthcare provider to guide them at each step of the pregnancy. Also, thanks to advanced research, precisely designed diagnostic lab tests, and the latest imaging technologies, it is possible to find any anomalies at the earliest. It is advisable to get the tests done on time to achieve the maximum possible accurate inference.

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