All you need to know about NextGen NIPT

Pregnancy is a delicate phase of women’s lives, and to-be parents want to remain careful at every stage. When it comes to pregnancy and related tests, Metropolis Healthcare remains a service of choice as it has a perfect triad of well-trained staff,  labs with the latest and standardized equipment, and highly competent doctors. Metropolis, a […]

Necessary Milestone Tests For A Journey Of Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy, an important phase in women's life, brings a whole new package of roles and responsibilities.

Mandatory Tests For A Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when happiness and anxiety, like abbs and tides, are flowing without prior intimation.

Testing in early pregnancy for the mother

Early Pregnancy Tests Every Mother-To-Be Should Do

The mid pregnancy scan

Everything You Need To Know About The Mid Pregnancy Scan

Health Before Pregnancy

Steps To Take If You’re Planning To Get Pregnant

Testing in early pregnancy for the baby

Early Pregnancy Tests To Determine Your Baby’s Health

Pregnancy Tests

Everything You Need To Know About Pregnancy Tests


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