Childbirth classes

Your Guide To Childbirth Classes

Your Guide To Childbirth Classes

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for most women, but as the due date comes closer, most women start feeling anxious. Although childbirth is one of the most natural things in the world, it certainly isn’t easy. And while your husband, in-laws, your own mother and other relatives are always there to help you out, there are certain things for which you need professional guidance.

Childbirth classes have recently started gaining popularity in India. Although it’s not necessary to take one, it’s proven to be helpful to a lot of women. After all, childbirth can be unpredictable and knowing what to expect during labour is certainly helpful. Childbirth instructors help you plan your diet, guide you through exercises, provide counselling and teach you everything there is to know about labour and how to go through it. You might be surprised to know that your husband also needs to be equally involved in a childbirth class because unlike India, childbirth is considered a shared responsibility in most parts of the world.

In case you’re looking to take childbirth classes, here are some you might want to consider.

1.        Lamaze Classes

Lamaze classes are extremely popular across the world. This 12-hour course will give you an insight into everything childbirth—breathing techniques, pain management, labour with or without drugs and how your husband can help. Lamaze classes are great for women who want a drug-free delivery. It’s also proven successful in bringing you close to your husband since you’re supposed to take the class together.

2.       Alexander Technique

Originally a movement technique used mainly by actors and artists, the Alexander Technique was adapted to help pregnant women too. This technique focuses on helping women with labour and breathing techniques to open up their body for childbirth. This technique is especially suitable for women who have been facing physical pain during pregnancy since it encourages movement and exercise.

3.       Bradley Method

This is a more wholesome technique since it lasts for a duration of 12 weeks and focuses on a healthy pregnancy along with childbirth. This technique prepares you for everything, from pain management to even steps to take if the labour doesn’t go as planned. This technique is best suited for those who are a little anxious and want to be prepared for whatever might come their way. 

4.      Birth From Within

This technique was developed in England and treats childbirth as not only a physical but also a psychologically transformative experience. If you’ve had a traumatic experience in the past or if you’re scared of labour, this technique might help provide relief and bring down your fear and anxiety. These classes can be conducted privately so parents who are scared of past trauma resurfacing can be reassured.

5.       HypnoBirthing

Unlike the name, HypnoBirthing has nothing to do with hypnosis. This technique is used for couples who are facing fear and anxiety issues related to childbirth. They are taught relaxation techniques to relieve fear during labour. In case you believe in the power of the mind over the body, this technique might be useful to you.

Most experts recommend that couples take childbirth classes in the second trimester, since it’s far enough into the pregnancy but still far away from actual labour to give them time to practice.

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