Sexual Intimidation

Adolescents face more threats of sexual intimidation than adults.

Adolescents face more threats of sexual intimidation than adults.

It is not uncommon for an individual to face sexual harassment at some point in his/her life, and adolescence is no exception.

It is saddening to see increased sexual intimidation has been making teenagers more involved in unnatural sexual activities. Young females are highly affected, and even males are not secure from sexual intimidation. Teenagers are highly vulnerable to sexual harassment, and proper measures and awareness is needed to save the victims and prevent more teens from falling prey to it.



What is the reason for sexual intimidation in adolescents?

In most instances, belief in falsely propagated myths, mainly through social media, is the primary cause of sexual intimidation in adolescents. Teenagers are generally confused about sexual behavior as they are at an immature phase of their life. Adolescents may not be fully aware of what a sexual act means. Thus, they are more prone to falling prey to sexual intimidation or harassment. Therefore, they tend to give in to coercion easily and become victims of sexual intimidation.


How to overcome sexual intimidation?

The first and foremost way to overcome sexual intimidation is through proper education/awareness. It is extremely important to understand gender equality. Bullying anybody based on their appearance, or harassing them because of their socio-economic status is not normal and not acceptable.

Sometimes, people might be attracted to people of the same gender or may wish to change their sexual identity. All this happens because of hormonal changes. Intimidating someone owing to their altered behavior can cause mental trauma and depression.

Parents or caretakers can help teens overcome sexual intimidation. Right from childhood, parents should teach their children the importance of a person as a human being and not merely judge them based on their appearance or status.

At the same time, a well-informed child would be able to face intimidation courageously and boldly. Also, they would be able to protect themselves from sexual harassment. It is possible to overcome the distress with proper help and care received from elders.



Teenagers are more prone to falling prey to sexual intimidation nowadays. However, with proper guidance and education, it is possible to avoid and overcome this bitter experience.


Special Thanks to Dr. Supriya Arwari (M.D, D.G.O) for the expert advice.

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