Tampons are inserted into the vagina to absorb menstrual flow

There are many ways to collect the menstrual flow, and a tampon is one such effective method.

Once you attain puberty, every month, you will experience menstrual flow. Tampons are cotton packed cylinders that are inserted into the vagina for collecting blood. Although, it looks awkward initially, using tampons is one comfortable solution during periods. Learn how to place the tampons perfectly and enjoy convenience during periods.

How to insert and remove the tampon:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before opening the tampons, so that you don’t pass germs into the vagina.
  • Either stand or sit in a position that is comfortable with your knees apart. Before using tampons, it is better to understand the anatomy of your genital tract and the vagina. It is the small opening found next to the urethral opening.
  • It is better to use tampons with the applicator as a beginner.
  • Before inserting the tampon, make sure the thread is intact with the tampon. Pull at it and check its firmness.
  • Place the tampon on the vagina and slowly push the tampon inside by pulling the applicator out.
  • Once the tampon goes completely inside your vagina, remove the applicator.
  • The thread will hang outside.
  • The tampon will absorb the blood and expand inside the vagina.
  • Once the tampon is properly inserted, it is unlikely that it will slip out. You can comfortably go about with your daily activities.
  • You have to keep yourself relaxed while removing the tampon.
  • With a relaxed mind, your vaginal muscles will also be relaxed. That makes it easier to remove the tampon. Expanded tampons might give some discomfort while removing if your vaginal muscles are constricted.
  • Wrap the tampon appropriately and then dispose of it in a bin.
  • Ensure that you have washed your hands properly after you use it every time and maintain your hygiene so that you don’t spread any infections.

Tampons may be easier to use by sexually active women. However, tampons are also very comfortable to use once you get used to it. You don’t need to control urine after placing tampons. Placing tampons will not hinder the process of urination.

You can also lubricate your vagina before inserting the tampon for easy insertion. However, during periods, your vagina will already be lubricated in most instances. You might require a lubricant only to remove the last tampon once your menstruation is over.

It is advisable to change your tampon once every 4-8 hours. Adjust the changing duration according to your menstrual flow. However, you need to change it frequently to maintain proper hygiene.

Special thanks to Dr. Reena Wani (MD, FRCOG, DNB, DGO, FCPS, DFP, FICOG)  for the expert advice.

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