Menstrual Cup

A menstrual cup is a feminine hygiene device that is inserted into the vagina during menstruation.

Every woman has to face menstruation during the reproductive phase of her life.

It is inevitable for women to face it every month. You need to prepare your mind to secure and protect yourself from bloodstains during these days. Menstrual cups are one of the safest ways to do that during menstruation. The use of a menstrual cup is highly encouraged nowadays because it is completely eco-friendly. It is made of silicone and is perfectly compatible with your body. The menstrual cup is reusable, and you can certainly avoid the disposal process you need to follow when you use pads or tampons. Also, the cup can hold more blood than other prevalent methods.

Steps to insert and remove the menstrual cup:

  • Before choosing a menstrual cup, it is better to talk to your gynecologist, as the cup comes in various sizes. You need to determine your cervical and vaginal size and the menstrual flow to choose a cup size.
  • For beginners, it is better to lubricate the cup with a water-based lubricant for easy insertion.
  • After washing your hands thoroughly, tightly fold the cup in half or the shape of C with one hand and the rim facing upwards.
  • Slowly insert the cup into your vagina until the cup is completely inside. By that time, the cup will reach a few mm below the cervix.
  • After inserting, slightly rotate the cup so that the cup creates an airtight seal inside the vagina. This prevents leakage.
  • Once the cup is perfectly inserted into your vagina, you should not feel any discomfort. You should be able to do all your activities without any hindrance. Learning how to insert the cup properly is the toughest task in using a menstrual cup. Once you have excelled in that, then the menstrual cup is the most comfortable prevention method during your periods.
  • If the menstrual cup is properly inserted, then it will securely stay there till you remove it. However, in the unlikely event it does slip out, you can thoroughly wash the menstrual cup and re-insert it.
  • For its removal, place your index finger and thumb into the vagina and hold the stem. Slowly reach the base of the stem and pinch the cup to release the seal.
  • Slowly pull down to remove the cup.
  • Empty the content in the sink or toilet and wash the cup thoroughly and keep it dried.

Menstrual cups are usually more comfortable to use for sexually active women. However, anyone can use it if they are comfortable. Empty the cup once every 6-12 hours, depending on your flow. Before every period, it is better to sterilize the cup in boiling water and use it. In case if you choose a disposable menstrual cup, dispose of it properly after every use.

Special thanks to Dr. Reena Wani (MD, FRCOG, DNB, DGO, FCPS, DFP, FICOG)  for the expert advice.

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