Electric Shocks During Menopause

During menopause, many women experience a sudden sharp but short coursing of electricity through the body, similar to an electric shock.

It can be a highly uncomfortable feeling and painful, too, depending upon the intensity of the electric shocks being felt.

Like many other symptoms being experienced during menopause, this is one such symptom that is caused due to the drastic hormonal changes the body is going through. It may precede hot flashes.

How are electric shocks caused?

Owing to the hormonal fluctuations taking place in the body, some neurons from the brain misfire, causing a short burst of pain and shock in the body. These do not harm the body in any way. As estrogen plays an important role in the functioning of the brain, imbalanced levels of the hormone cause the nervous system to misunderstand certain directions of the brain, thus causing the neurons to miss their intended action.

How do women perceive electric shocks?

A jolt-like stab or sharp impulse may be felt in various parts of the body. Electric sensations may pass suddenly through various places on the head. It may feel like a ‘zap’ or surging impulse under the skin. The woman may feel as if rivers of electricity are running across the skin or a rubber-band has snapped in between the muscle and skin.

How to tackle electric shocks during menopause?

Include calcium and omega-3 in your diet – These nutrients help in the smooth functioning of the nervous system. Since electric shocks are caused due to an inefficiently working nervous system, including these nutrients in your diet will help improve its functioning.

Saturated fats should be avoided – Saturated fats cause the deposition of fat in the body, thus slowing down the blood circulation. Keeping your vital limbs like the hands and legs free of such tingling sensations is important. Hence, to enable normal blood circulation, saturated fats should be avoided. Replace these with fruits and vegetables.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol intake – Alcohol tends to harm the nervous system, whereas caffeine can worsen the feeling of electric shocks as it causes muscle spasms and activates neurons. Electric shocks being associated with the nervous system, it is essential to keep your neurons in their best form by avoiding alcohol and caffeine.

Get some sunlight – Natural sunlight is believed to be an excellent regulator of the nervous system. Apart from providing with the very much needed Vitamin D, sunlight will also soothe the nervous system helping you to alleviate electric shocks.

Water therapy – Different levels of water temperature can help in soothing the muscles that get affected due to the electric shocks. Start with massaging your hands and shoulders with a cool, wet towel, gradually increasing the temperature of the water being used. You may end this exercise with a long hot shower. Alternate hot and cold therapy may be used, where one hand may be dipped in a hot bath for 30 seconds with the other arm raised and then switch.  Such hot and cold therapy stimulates the nerves.

Walk barefoot amidst natural surroundings – be it a beach or grass. Walking barefoot on natural flooring of sand or grass is known to stabilize the nervous system.

A combination of lifestyle changes and alternative therapies are known to have alleviated the symptom of electric shocks during menopause. However, not all women experience this symptom during menopause.

Special thanks to Dr Preeti Deshpande M.S.(OBGY), FICOG, Endoscopy Training IRCAD (France) for the expert advice.

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