Bone Health in Menopause

Bone density will drop drastically after menopause due to abrupt lack of estrogen hormone.

Bone density will drop drastically after menopause due to abrupt lack of estrogen hormone.
Bone Health in Menopause

However, fracture of bone or osteoporosis would not happen for every woman. This is because not bone density alone will be the deciding factor for the bone strength. Even though bone health will start to deplete after menopause, it is possible to maintain it effectively.

Bone health management after menopause:

Calcium supplement:

Dairy products, fish, green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits are an excellent source of calcium. It is an important mineral in maintaining bone health.


Lack of vitamin D is another cause for the depletion of bone strength. Exposing yourself in the early morning sunrise can boost the vitamin D level.

Physical activity:

Staying active and having adequate physical workouts regularly can strengthen the bone and its associated muscles. Mild to moderate exercises like walking, jogging and cycling would help to strengthen the bones. This is very crucial to avoid fractures in the later stage of life. It is also better to avoid sitting for a longer time.

Stretching and muscle-strengthening exercise:

For the betterness of bone health, it is significant to maintain the health of its associated muscles. Stretching exercises like yoga, aerobics, and mild weight-bearing exercises are useful to strengthen the bones and muscles.

Healthy and balanced diet:

Eating correctly makes sense! It does not mean only about having the right food, but also it indicates having food at the correct time, maintaining regularity of the same on every day, quantity and quality of food you prefer and how well you hydrate yourself. Everything will impact your bone health.

Hormonal replacement therapy ( HRT ):

HRT helps to improve bone density and bone health. It artificially compensates the missed hormone and takes over its function. However, it is not an ideal way to maintain bone health, until and unless your bones are extremely weak and you are really in need of. Because the beneficial effect of HRT wears off when you stop taking it and your body struggles to compensate for the imbalance at your older age. Also, HRT has increased the risk of stroke.


If your bone density is too low, and you are in the risk of osteoporosis or fracture, you may be recommended with medicines.

Talk to your doctor at the time of menopause and check your bone density level. It will provide an overall idea about your bone health and certainly, it will be helpful to guide you appropriately.

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